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Packing Services

Because we are Expert Removals – we put emphasis on packing your goods professionally, while ensuring that your fragile items are packed with the utmost Fragile care. Packing your precious cargo must be done in a way that would be safe to transport the goods from pick up to drop off. Our Expert Removals packing-pros have years of experience packing quickly and efficiently items of all kinds, from standards to bulky to awkward items – The Expert professionals can tackle them all, and make sure the items are safe for transit.

Our trained professional packers can pack, unpack, dismantle and assemble your belonging, so you could enjoy a simple and easy move! As part of our Expert care we allocate a specialist moving consultant dedicated to your move who would work together with our professional removalists to achieve a stress free, planned and smooth move.

What will we do for you?

  • Provide an affordable, on time and professional moving service
  • Implement Expert care to ensure the safe transit of your goods, and if need be we will supply extra padding to secure expansive or Fragile items.
  • Effective communications during the move day, from the first call to advise the exact time of arrival, through to addressing any concerns and cater for any special requirements that you may have.

With our personal touch, we treat every move as our own!

Need boxes, tape… and more materials to pack?

Yes, at Expert Removals we can supply you with all the packing materials that you need from all different size boxes and tape to bubble wrap and butcher paper. We have all the necessary equipment especially for moving house at extremely cheap prices. Simply click here to order online using our friendly and easy online store, and start packing today!

Needs some handy packing tips to get you started on your packing, click here.

Order Boxes and start packing today

Welcome to our friendly online shop where you can order your boxes and packing materials in a quick and easy way. Simply order online to get great rates on boxes and packing materials and SAVE money!

The right packing gear makes the difference when you pack, and can turn any packing ordeal to a simple and easy job. At Expert Removals we store a diverse range of boxes to make it convenience for you when packing. So take notes of the description under each item as it explains what each box is for. For example to all the business professionals out there… hang you business clothes in a Port-A-Robe box to avoid ironing later.

So get your boxes, start packing (or book an Expert-Packing-Pro to do the packing for you), kick back and relax, because with our Expert Removals team of expert movers, your valuables will make it through the journey in the exact same condition they left your old place.

Its easy –  your one stop shop for all your packing needs!

Would you like to book an Expert-Packing-Pro? OR I`m packing by myself… How to make my packing job simple and easy? 

10 Top Packing Tips for every size move

Where do I start?

  • Start early – at least one week in advance
  • Pack one room at a time
  • First pack items that are not used often (such as books, out of season clothing)
  • Label each carton on the sides and top with contents and the destination room
  • Heavy items like books and electrical appliances are better packed in smaller sized boxes so that they are lighter to handle

Expert Care – Protecting your goods:

  • Individually wrap each and every item
  • Cushion up the bottom of each carton, using blankets, sheets, towels or packing paper
  • Mark certain cartons as “Fragile – top load only”
  • Fill up left over space inside boxes with crunched packing paper or bubble wrap
  • No overloads. Do not over pack the box and ensure the box does not expand or lose its shape
  • Secure the sides of each box by securing it with packing tape


  • Use tape or ribbon to make sure that doors and drawers are firmly shut
  • If shelves are not fixed – remove them and pack separately
  • Empty out all furniture to prepare for the move

White Goods / Appliances:

  • Refrigerators, Washing Machines and dryers, dishwasher and similar should be dry and clean

TV and framed pictures:

  • Use bubble wrap paper and cover with cardboard to protects the screen/glass

Lamps & Lampshades:

  • Remove light bulbs from lamps and place shades in a separate box wrapped with bubble wrap


  • If you kept the original packaging, now is the time to use it by packing the item in the original packaging
  • If not… pack each item individually and make sure to use plenty of bubble wrap. Mark “Fragile”

Home Computers:

  • Tie all relevant cable together. For example: all TV cables should be bundled together

Business Clothes

  • Hang your business clothes in a Port-A-Robe box to avoid ironing later

Before the move:

  • Count all your boxes
  • Important items that you would like to access first, should be the last to load in to our truck

Short with time?

Kitchen is the most challenging and last room to pack

Make it easy and get our ‘Kitchen only’ packing deal!