Selecting a Removals Company Tips


How to select a removal company?
Moving house can be a daunting task which can easily be turned into a positive one. All you need to do is follow a few basic rules:
Ask Questions! And confirm that you understand the services that the removals company includes in the hourly rate (ensure that rate is inclusive of question, fuel levy and insurance). Some of these questions include:

  • Is this company registered?
  • Are you a member of AFRA (Australian Removers Association)
  • Does your price includes gst, fuel levy and insurance?
  • Do you have extra charges on heavy items, flights of stairs, fuel levy or in general?
  • Is there a minimum time for each job?
  • Do you charge travel time?
  • Does your rate cheaper during weekdays?
  • When do I pay and what are the payment methods?
  • Does your removalists work for the company or are their contractor / sub-contract (Be careful of companies that sub contract as they will not be liable of any damage caused).
  • Do your movers receive training?
  • What type of insurance you provide as part of your service and can I purchase more insurance?
  • What happen if I need to cancel the move?
  • For large homes – get a FREE quote done with a removalists specialist coming to you home and estimate the job.
  • Do you have any emergency number to contact in case something goes wrong on the move day?

What should you look for in a moving company?
When it’s time to move again, make a smart decision with the company you move. There are three things you should look for in a removals company:

Their Experience, Care and Moving Methods

Experience: Check how long the company has being around for, if an established company then would have greater experience and better movers. Expert Removals has 15 years experience in local and commercial moves, with a structured training program in place to ensure that each one of the movers in the team is well trained. With its many satisfied customers, Fragile continue to meet customer`s expectations as we all know that recommendations from friends and family are the best advice.
Care: Sometimes choosing the cheapest removals company can end up costing you a lot more, with damages, repairs and insurance claims. At Expert Removals we treat your items with care and place even more care on Fragile items that are more vulnerable and needs to be transported in a different way (we often transport these in the front seat while having the items in our lap).
All through keeping our rates low to provide you with a value for money experience.

Moving Methods – Our well trained removalists are efficient, friendly and well mannered. Simply have a look at our testimonials, click here.
At Fragile, our people across all departments are trained and from the first call through to the actual move day – you will be given the best advice / tip for your moving and packing needs. This is a free services offered to customers, where they can call us and on the spot speak to a moving specialist who can assist them with professional advice of how to go about your move.
Have a large home? Call us today for free quote.

What we offer
Happy customers are the key our success so we know that YOU are the most important person on the move day.
Moving home is a stressful experience and at Expert Removals we recognise this and instruct our movers to be the most accommodating, friendly and caring towards you and your belongings.
Because we focus on the people whom we move – we are then able to give a personal service that considers your individual needs. Our advance knowledge of how to pack and transport goods, is well demonstrated when we tackle unusual fragile items such as vases, pianos, artwork, pots and others.

All about INSURANCE and removals
Did You Know that under Australian law, furniture removal companies are not obligated to have insurance!
That is why its best to choose an AFRA member removals company.
Being part of AFRA, Expert Removals obtains insurance policies of carriers legal liability insurance, public liability insurance, third party property and motor vehicle insurance. So if we break it – we fix it!
A common sentence used by many removal companies, who do not actually have insurance. Be aware of this and keep in mind that what it means is that if they break it, they MAY OR MAY NOT fix it.
So if they decide not to fix it? Do you have any insurance or other guarantees they can force them to fix it? What will you do if they say ‘no’? Is there a government body that can help you and will force them to pay the damage? If not, then you will need to spend time and money in court?
You must read the terms and conditions to be sure that you are on top of the company procedures in case of demages. Remember to check if they have an EXCESS fee for damage claims?

The obligation by law is stated in the Trade Practise Act (in the constitution) which FORBIDS limitation of liability by a professional (Removalist). So how can a removals company that does. The Trade Practise Act also states that a professional is liable for the damages caused by his negligence. So to simply say “we break it we fix it”, will not cover you in the crunch time.

Who can offer insurance?
Only a removal companies that holds an AFS (Australian Financial Services) licence or are an authorised registered representative of a licensee, can offer insurance or protection. On March 2004 a higher standard was imposed by law on businesses offering a financial service (insurance), design to protect customers when they deal with business which offer insurance for ‘free’ (such as trades and Removal companies). Insurance is regarded a ‘financial service’.

So if a removal company offer ‘financial advice’ or ‘financial services’ (insurance) they must obtain an AFS licence or be a registered authorised representative of a licensee. Those removalists will be registered with ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission).

Only members of AFRA
Expert Removals is a member of AFRA and are permitted to provide insurance and general advice regarding insurance for your moving or storage. Expert Removals have the documentation required by ASIC. In addition team of removalists are required to undergo regular training sessions.

How to find out if a company is registered with ASIC?
Simply log in to the ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) website Look for Financial Services on the homepage and write the company name in the search function. Click enter and results would appear.